May 15

Future Living

For the future of my life I want to have something such as a boat which i could drive a motor-home or a trailer or a renovated school bus. I think a school bus renovated into a motor home type thing would be pretty cool, call me weird if you want : p). Onto it so i then could have a land or sea vehicle that way i could live on land or on water whenever i feel like it. If i do get a normal house i would want it to be in Alaska anchorage or skagway preferably and i would want a smaller yard but a house with a big brick fireplace that runs on wood and i would want a basement that is like renovated with brick walls or wood. So i could mount a collection of medieval swords and other things like that on it along with down there a woodworking shop for turning pens and other things on a lathe.

For a job i would want to be a video game designer or some other creative type job and or turn pens, welding would also be a very fun job along with re-building old vintage cars back together or an architect for making stuff like that. Well thats all i can think of for a job oh or a voicer for like cartoons and animations.

For other goals i hope to have are: skydiving, flying a plane, going on a cruise, winning some bunch of awards for what idk yet so i can show them off to all my friends :p, winning the lottery inventing some thing, if i get the job video game designer for that game to be nominated for something or nominated for any of the other jobs, living to be over one hundred fifty years old or oldest someone has ever lived (or possibly both), do something that will be remembered forever ( i shall not ever be forgotten! :p), climb mount everest visit every country, learn most commonly used languages, go into space ( by the future who wont go to space once anyways),( probably be some sort of space highway by then), get over 50000 veiws on this blog (if blogs and the web still exist), then if possibly still there get 1000000000 veiws its a long shot for sure, and those are my goals for the future what are yours? comment if you want to share them!


(Space travel agency)

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  1. Miss W.

    Wow, Ben,
    What a great range of things you want to do in the future. Why choose Alaska to live in? An old school bus converted into a home sounds interesting – we occasionally see them in Tasmania. Video gaming and turning pens on a lathe you could do anywhere even inside a mobile home/bus.


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