April 11

picture (updated!)

BeFunky_the emperor.jpgthis was caught on my security camera last night wierd isnt it?



update! this was not really from my security cam but i bet many knew that but has anyone geussed what it really is? comment your answer below

update! again! so the final answer is dum dum dum dum dum! (drumroll) The Emperor (from star wars)

(it was edited)

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4 thoughts on “picture (updated!)

  1. elijaham1

    Hello Ben! I have surfed this blog, and I really enjoy it! I would like to know how you made the snow effect; my friend sitting next doesn’t know how, and he’s a real tech nerd. Please leave a comment letting me know at my blog. This image sort of looks like an x-ray picture of a face taken on an iPod.

  2. elijaham1

    Hello Ben! Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m glad that you enjoy swimming as much as I do, and I definitely respect archery as a sport. Thank you for teaching me to add the snow effect on my blog – you know, as part of this week’s blogging challenge, you can write a how-to post. That might be the perfect thing! And I will gladly grant you permission to add me to your blogroll. I’ve already added you to mine.

  3. elijaham1

    Hello Ben! Nice to talk to you again. I’m glad you finally posted the answer to what was in the picture. The suspense was KILLING me! In your last comment, you asked a question concerning online games. The answer is yes; I play Minecraft online, but I’m not allowed to play during the week normally.


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